RCP MANUFACTURING CO., INC. is a Filipino owned and Cebu based company that was established in 1973 in the manufacturing and refilling of portable fire extinguishers and also engages in fire protection system such as sprinkler systems (wet & dry), hydrant system, fire alarm system and also supplies fire protection equipments.

Established in June 1973, the first manufacturing company in the Philippines granted by then the Philippines Standard Agency, now the Bureau of Products Standards with the PS mark, a License to manufacture fire protection products.  RCP was the only manufacturing company that was called by the Philippines Standard Agency (PSA) at its main office in Manila to conduct an orientation seminar among its standard in the manufacture of fire extinguisher.  The same seminar was also requested and was conducted in Cebu City for the government’s inspection in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Adhering to international standards, RCP Manufacturing Co., Inc. is also aligned to ISO 9002 in coordination with the Bureau of Products Standards.  RCP Manufacturing Co., Inc. has professional teams capable of serving customers through regular monitoring of fire extinguishers delivered and training them in the use and proper handling of fire extinguishers.

To date, RCP’s direction is to serve the local market of Cebu and the nearby provinces of the Visayas and Mindanao in terms of fire protection equipments where the Manila based companies cannot possibly serve well due to its distance from the area especially in this after Sales Service.

Recently, RCP Manufacturing Co., Inc. was awarded as “ Most Outstanding Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer” in Metro Cebu by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards Institute,  Marketing Insights Magazine and Entrepreneurship.  This is in recognition of its outstanding marketing performances leading towards market dominance, goodwill, high-level customer confidence and market acceptability.